Castle Court Cardiff

Planning & Licensing etc

Parking arrangements for residents &/or their visitors, contractors etc

Leases for the individual 148 flats at Castle Court have never included the provision of any vehicle parking facilities.

All 148 leaseholders have chosen to own a flat without any vehicle parking facilities and have always had individual freedom of choice as to what arrangements, if any, they make for their own parking requirements or those of their visitors or contractors working at their flats.

Some leaseholders pay to use local commercial car-parks such as those operated by NCP / Cardiff Rugby Club, others may have applied for Cardiff Council residential parking permits for nearby areas.

Castle Court Freehold Limited is not involved in any way with Cardiff Council's arrangements for residential parking permits.

Leaseholders or residents with queries or objections relating to residential parking permits issued or refused by Cardiff Council should contact Cardiff Council.

Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited (part of Freshwater Property Group) has held a 999-year lease interest in the basement car-park directly below Castle Court since December 1991, when it sold the freehold interest in Castle Court to Castle Court (Cardiff) Management Limited and retained the long leasehold interest in the basement car-park.

The basement car-park below Castle Court is currently occupied and operated by NCP, via a lease from Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited.

Irrespective of whether some leaseholders would be interested in acquiring a leasehold interest in the basment car-park, NCP has a statutory right to renew its lease with Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited following August 2015 expiry of the current lease.

If NCP decides not to renew its lease with Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited then the future use of the basement car-park is a commercial decision for Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited, to which Castle Court Freehold Limited is not a party.

Therefore any leaseholders wishing to acquire a leasehold interest in the basement car-park should direct their enquiries / offers to Metropolitan Property Realizations Limited rather than to Castle Court Freehold Limited.






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