Castle Court Cardiff

Rubbish - normal domestic refuse, recycling etc
Background heating to communal areas etc
Communal television system
Fire Alarms and Intercoms
Window cleaning

Water rates and hot water

Water rates and hot water are included in the service charges at Castle Court. The hot water is provided via two Hoval Ultra Gas AM-C650 gas fired condensing boilers.

Leaseholder planned works

Any leaseholder who intends to do work to their flat involving water pipes, valves etc should contact Cooke & Arkwright's Property Management department (Tel: 029 20 346335) to clarify whether this will require a shutdown of hot &/or cold water or communal background heating units to other areas of Castle Court.

If a shutdown is required, Cooke & Arkwright's Property Management department will normally require at least four working days notice of the proposed works so that they can arrange the communal shutdown via the firm who maintain the communal water distribution pipes & valves and notify occupiers of affected flats.

Any delay with providing sufficient details to Cooke & Arkwright may delay the proposed water shutdown beyond the leaseholder's preferred date, and any inconvenience resulting from such a delay would be the responsibility of the leaseholder and not the responsibility of Cooke & Arkwright or Castle Court Freehold Limited.

Sudden leaks

Any sudden leaks that may require an emergency shutdown &/or emergency repairs to communal pipework prevent flood damage etc should be reported immediately to the Managing Agents during office hours or to Castle Court site office at any other time.

If necessary, the firm who maintain the communal water distribution pipes & valves will then be called to site to deal with the necessary emergency shutdown arrangements &/or emergency repairs to communal pipework.


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