Castle Court Cardiff

Fob entry system

Disabled access

There is a fob entry system at Castle Court.

2 fobs were given to each leaseholder / occupier when this system was installed.

If any leaseholders or occupiers require additional fobs, or replacement of lost or damaged fobs or replacement of fobs that no longer work, they should go to the Castle Court site office and complete a fob order form.

Additional fobs cost £20 per fob. This charge also applies to replacement of lost fobs.

If a fob no longer works or is damaged, leaseholders or occupiers can request a free replacement by returning the non-working / damaged fob to the Castle Court site office.

Either prepayment for a new fob or the return of a fob to the site office is required before requests for new fobs can be processed.

5 working days* notice is usually required for additional or replacement fobs to be issued.

Leaseholders / occupiers should be prepared to show identification when ordering and collecting new fobs from the Castle Court site office, as not all leaseholders and occupiers are personally known to all site staff.

*New fobs are electronically logged against leaseholder records and this may involve re-confirming details of previous fobs issued. If it appears that several fobs allocated to a particular flat are no longer in the possession of the current leaseholder or occupiers, this could increase the time needed to allocate additional or replacement fobs as earlier fobs will need to be deleted.



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