Castle Court Cardiff

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Noisy works to flats - restricted hours

Lease covenants at Castle Court clearly require flats at Castle Court to be used for private residential use. The leases do not allow short-lets or serviced letting for weekend breaks, special events etc.

Guest bookings via Airbnb or other public websites would contravene private residential use lease covenants at Castle Court, irrespective of whether the bookings are for the whole flat or a single room / bed.

Most of the leases state clearly that the flat is to be occupied by one family or one co-habiting couple. Leaseholders with this restriction in their leases are not entitled to sub-let their flats to friends sharing, or to sub-let the rooms individually.

Before sub-letting, leaseholders should ensure that the proposed tenancy is permitted by the lease and that all lease obligations relating to Landlord Consent for sub-letting are complied with.

Leaseholder requests for Landlord Consent for sub-letting should be for a minimum period of 6 months on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy ("AST") basis and should be addressed to Cooke & Arkwright, the Managing Agents of Castle Court.

Leaseholders are responsible for ensuring that their tenants comply with lease obligations - these include issues such as landlord access for building maintenance, use of balconies, communal areas, noise, pets, internal maintenance etc.

Leaseholders who sublet their flats should ensure that their approved tenant has been properly vetted by their letting agent and does not create any illegal sub-tenancy or allow the flat to be otherwise occupied by unauthorised persons.


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